My name is Sparks, I work at Giraffe Print, a garment printing company based in Brighton UK. We’re group of family and friends, who pride ourselves on creating highly original, excellent quality, customised clothing for businesses and individuals.

Brighton - home of massive, chip-thieving seagulls

The purpose of this blog is a place for us to share insider info, tips and tricks, current news and other goings on in the world of T-shirt and garment printing. Most importantly, it’s an excuse for me to get out of the studio for a while and enjoy a coffee whilst updating the blog, bonus!
We print and customise an array of garments, from T-shirts and hoodies to Hi-Vis and work wear. Our methods include high quality photo & logo transfer, transfer film text and & graphics, and of course our speciality; diamanté designs.

Some of our previous work
We love customised clothing!
Where would we be without customised clothing? From being able to recognise officials in uniform, to knowing to steer clear of the drunk stags in the airport lounge, it comes in handy frequently.
For businesses, customised clothes back up your branding. It makes your staff stand out to customers, feel part of a team, and means they can even be used as advertising space! Not only that, it makes for a wonderful excuse as to why THAT employee doesn’t come into work wearing a ‘vintage’ T-shirt circa 1972, complete with various food stains and a questionable odour.
For individuals, they make a fantastic personalised gift, as they say the best gifts are those that we make (or design) ourselves! Where so many garments are mass produced and of similar designs, truly original clothing keeps you standing out from the crowd.

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